Hi! I am Carmen, an illustrator and art educator. I come from Spain, where I got my Honour Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Murcia. Now I live in the Netherlands. Here I had the opportunity to teach Visual Arts in International Schools. I also enjoy art and nature here.

During my years in art education I realized how art can guide us to respect nature. And then I decided to share my vision through my own art. I focus in connecting people with nature: "I bring Nature to people´s spaces and people to open and green areas". Moreover in my personal projects I use portraits, animals, and nature. I enjoy the combination between digital and traditional art, although I will always have preference for traditional art techniques, such as watercolour, ink or charcoal.

​Since I live in the Netherlands I work a lot with its forest, although I also like to paint ecosystems in different countries when I travel. I have specialized in outdoor painting techniques, botanical art and promoting personal creativity. This experience I share in my Instragram @carmensaez_art .