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During my years in art education I realized how art can guide us to respect nature. And then I decided to share my vision through my own art.

​Since I live in the Netherlands I work a lot with its forest, although I also like to paint ecosystems in different countries when I travel. I have specialized in outdoor painting techniques, botanical art and promoting personal creativity. This experience I share in my Instragram @carmensaez_art and now I am in Patreon to show you my methodology.

How does it work?

Every week we will have a painting session together to complete an illustration in a month. We will work materials such as watercolour and ink, and techniques for outdoors and inside the studio. I will explain you materials and I will share with you tips that I you won´t see them in my other Social Media.

Language: English with subtitles.


Price: As a starting offer, this pass has a unique price of 3$! After it will rise to 10$. You will access to all my contents that I don’t show in other platforms. Besides you will be part of this painting community. We will share feedback, advises and art results.

Join us in the creative experience!